10th December 2019

The Wool Shop Is Closing...for a few weeks over Christmas and New Year.

I've lived in New Zealand since 2002, having moved from England, via Sri Lanka, and settling in Devonport. I took over ownership of my wee wool shop the following year, knowing only the rudiments of knitting, and having absolutely no business experience. My children were of primary school age, I had a Labrador puppy,  (Winston...Churchill, not Peters) and a husband who spent every spare (and not so spare) moment training and competing in Ironman events. Life was rather chaotic. Those early days of juggling family and work commitments are now but a distant memory and my lovely daughters are all grown up. My husband behaves himself, (his body has packed up after years of strenuous physical activity)  and I can set out for work each morning having had a leisurely walk with my Labrador Harry, and a  nourishing breakfast, sat at a table, rather than furiously stuffing a banana in my mouth as I drive to work!

 Over the years the shop has steadily grown and developed. Very occassionally, I fleetingly wish someone would offer me a 'few bob' and take the whole damn thing off my hands. However, the odd sleepless night, a stressful few days, or a short period of exhaustion soon passes and I bounce  back, full of ideas and enthusiasm.

  I have mostly ignored advice others have given me, preferring to trust my instincts. Remember the 'Credit Card Crash' of 2008, which coincided witht the advent of low price, online, overseas imports?...well that was a tricky situation to navigate. I clearly remember a sales rep' telling me that I should ditch all my glorious pure wools and restock the shop with his cheap, mass produced  yarn. That advice, like the rep' was pretty dumb!  I have relocated the shop a couple of times and I now believe we are in our perfect 'Forever Home' in Milford. We are also thoroughly in 'The Modern Age'. We have a rather lovely website and online store filled with all sorts of goodies for you to explore and a Facebook and Instagram to keep you well informed about the shop. I know full well, that I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world (my husband wryly comments that it's funny how the harder I work, the luckier I get).

  I adore my wee shop, and do not class the many hours I spend at work as 'work'.  Over  the years many of you have become, not just  loyal customers, but have proved to be great  friends. Some of you have divulged  incredibly personal and information, (I'm way cheaper than a therapist) and I almost always have the time for a good chat, and a cup of tea will always be offered if required.   
 Now,  as usual I have not only started to ramble, but have rambled on far too long and have totally changed the subject matter of this newsletter. This final newsletter of the year was meant to just be a brief few lines to inform you that that I will be closing the shop for a couple of weeks over Christmas and New Year. I'm heading down to Wanaka in my motorhome with my husband, my dog and a rather large bag of knitting wool.  I know it's rather unusual for a shop to close for anything other than the statutary holidays, and other shopkeepers, upon hearing that my doors will be firmly shut for an extended period, implied I hade taken leave of my senses, they view me as 'a ball short of a sweater' or ' a sandwich short of a picnic'!  Just out of interest, I explained  my holiday plans to a few customers and, whithout exception, you have all replied with 'good for you, you deserve a break.' So it's definite... we are closing and I am going on my holidays! Please take note that our final day of trading will be Saturday 21st December at  4pm and we reopen on Tuesday 7th January at 10am.
Me looking gormless and Harry looking incrediably cute. The motorhome has plenty of storage for my knitting wool!
  Now, in true shop keeper fashion, may I just suggest a few last minute knitting goodies, as either a treat for yourself or as a thoughful gift for a knitting family member or friend?

Oven Cloths

Our pure cotton, cheerful ovencloth kits make a super gift. The're simple, honest and sustainable... and your kitchen will be a delightfully jolly place, with a neat pile beautifully arranged next to the stove.
Click here to take a peek

If that hasn't convinced you have a look at my battered but well loved oven cloths that I've used every day for seven years!

Lisa's Farmyard Friends & Needle Gauges


These needle gauges and 'Farmyard Friend' pins make a fantastic stocking stuffer for any knitter... especially if you've inherited a huge pile of knitting needles and can't for the life of you figure out what sizes they are, due to their repeated use having worn off those handy numbers. This tool will save you many frustrating hours!
The 'Farmyard Friends' are perfect for popping on your knitting bag or favourite cardigan. Both are New Zealand designed and manufactured.

Cick here to have a look at the Needle gauge and here to see the Farmyard Friends.

Gift Vouchers

If your loved ones have a bad record with gift giving and are completely stuck on what to get you for Christmas, I suggest you start hinting that a voucher would be a perfect way to ensure that you get exactly what you want!
Get them to pop into the shop and we'll hand over one of our vouchers to ensure that you get to indulge your creative side.

And finally, but most importantly, I wish to say a huge thank you for your support this last year and I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Happy holiday knitting,
Fran, Michel and Olivia
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