17th October 2019

We  are 'on the gram'! 

  I am a Luddite (someone who fights against progress). My family prefer to use the term imbecile when referring to my ability to navigate a laptop, a mobile phone and the remote control for the TV. I also have to admit that for half the year the clock in my car is an hour 'out'. I can't make head nor tail of my car manual, so as the hour changes, my clock remains at the old time.

  I have managed, in a kicking and screaming manner,  to bring my little wool shop into the technological age. I now have a website, an online store and I can manage to make Facebook posts. I have made some monumental mistakes, pressing the 'button' too soon, making things disappear and getting paragraphs and photos' all mixed up.

  HOWEVER this week has been incredibly testing. Francesca, my eldest, and in my opinion, rather bossy, daughter instructed me that I needed Instagram. Really? Can't I just have a bit of a breather, pop my feet up, pour a cup of tea and do my knitting?  
Isn't Instagram all about presenting yourself and your lifestyle in a completely false way. Why would I want to show all of you  my washboard abdominal muscles, my nutrient rich but calorie deficient meals or heaven forbid, my middle aged (spread) body floating in some exotic infinity swimming pool?

  My daughter assured me that that would not be the case with Wild and Woolly's Instagram. Rather I will use it to show snippets of my lovely little wool shop, maybe some colourful photos from my cute little garden and of course, lots and lots of photos of my adorable Labrador, Harry!

  So, if you are 'on the Gram' please look us up @Wild and Woolly Yarns and give us a follow.
What's happening at Woolly.
  As I am a little tired, I am not going to ramble on too much about the shop. Of course, we have a super selection of summer yarns and a whole pile of Rowan Spring Summer Magazines and pattern books.  Please do come in and spend lots of money so that I can purchase even more wool!  

  Now, it is the Auckland Marathon this weekend, and no, I am not participating. My knees are k*******d and I would rather cheer from the sidelines, or I may not even get up early enough to watch the start of the race down in Devonport. Please don't think I am a total kill joy...how about all of you who come in to the shop on Saturday or Sunday and mention this newsletter have a lovely 10% discount on any purchase?

  Well that is all you are getting out of me. I do hope that once I press 'send to all subscribers, that my lovely old typewriter photograph will turn itself the right way around...somehow I doubt it.
Happy knitting,
Fran and the Woolly Girls.
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