23rd March 2020

Keep Calm and Carry on Knitting

  Ladies...Just to let you know tomorrow is our final day in the shop, and the cut off day for mail orders. I will be open from early and close when the last of you leaves. Jacinda has asked us all to be kind to each other and I really do want you to work with me tomorrow as I help you with your urgent last minute knitting requirements. There will only be me working, I'm tired andI am as stressed as all of you.

  Our website will close down later tomorrow. If you are placing an order please include a contact 'phone number so, if I can't fulfill any items I can suggest a substitute.

  I'll be off to the post shop first thing tomorrow with all the mail orders that have come in today. While the 'blokes will be doing some solitary fishing or some useful DIY around the house, we will all be knitting to our hearts content.

  Stay safe, and lets hope I see you back in the shop very soon.

Fran Stafford.  
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