30th May 2019

Her Majesty Is Having A Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday Your Majesty
   As many of you know, technology just isn't my thing. Sending out this newsletter takes a great deal of time, energy, and nerves of steel. Olivia, my amazing 'technology girl' has written me a point by point idiot proof guide titled 'How To Do A Newsletter'.  I still, occasionally, drop a clanger. (silly mistake) I mix up photographs, fonts change of their own accord and page layout is a law unto it's own. The worst  of all,  is when everything I have painstakingly written, disappears. Olivia mentioned something about a 'save' button...it's all a bit beyond me!

  The actual writing part isn't too much of a problem, I ponder and procrastinate  for a while, and then, after a bit of fluffing around, the ideas come, and the words furiously follow. I know I get a little carried away, I do ramble on, but, having finally pressed the 'send to all subscribers' button I heave a sigh of relief and hope there's not to many clangers. Many of you are incredibly generous, you send me lovely e mails, or call into the shop and mention how much you enjoy reading my ramblings. I know I should toughen up, and not expect everyone to to be lovely and complimentary, however, I was a little taken aback, to receive an e mail retorting 'I'm sorry Fran but your'e  newsletters are just far tooooo long I only get half way through then give up.......!' I am sure this lady felt way better getting this off her chest, but I thought  it was rather a wounding remark. I had to laugh though, when my husband commented that if she only read half of it, then, going forward, I had better make the first half of my newsletters really interesting. Hey, I know I should be able to take negative feedback, but even in my technology ignorant state I felt the easiest thing for my subscriber to do would be to just hit the unsubscribe button...even I know how to do that.

   Anyway, this is a brief newsletter mainly to let all of you know that I will be opening the store this coming Monday, Queen's Birthday. I normally close for public holidays, preferring to spend time in my garden, or curled up with something good on Netflix, and a new knitting project. However, as we are at the height of the knitting season I will open from 11 am until 3 pm for all those of you who just have to have a new project,  AND as a test of those of you who do like my newsletter and manage to read to the very end, you might find there's a little Queens' Birthday surprise in the last paragraph... No, Queen Elizabeth is not going to do a guest appearance, I have it on good authority she is having a bit of a 'knees up' at Buckingham Palace... 

   Fergie has managed to wangle an invitation to the Royal Rave and she's feeling rather smug. She has taken it upon herself to organize her mother in laws gift, and, after having a whip round, has managed to raise  a few thousand quid. She's approached a Land Rover dealership in Norfolk and managed to wangle a right royal discount on a brand new Discovery, in exchange for some juicy royal gossip. Her Majesty does not need a new vehicle, however her cantankerous and strong willed husband, Philip, is in need of a new set of wheels having had an 'incident' on the roads outside Sandringham just a few months ago. Fergie fervently hopes the doddery old codger will cause pandemonium on the roads of Norfolk, and generally make a complete buffoon of himself. She has never forgiven him for calling her 'a complete waste of space'. 

   Enough frivolity, and remember I am trying to keep this newsletter brief. Here's a little about Wild and Woolly... Now, I appreciate many of you are not 'local' and rely on our website to get your little slice of  knitting Heaven. So many of you comment on how easy and enjoyable our website is to navigate. The positive feedback I receive could make me incredibly big headed and arrogant but this is not so. My daughter, Francesca, designed the website some 18 months ago, she felt it was time she dragged my business from the period of the dinosaurs and into the modern age. She had to laugh when I told her how 'easy and clear' ' my customers found our web site and replied  "Mum, that was intentional, I had your level of non existent technological skill in mind, and if I could design a website that even you could navigate, then it would be a great success."

   So, now I will aid and abet you into planning your next project, here's just a few interesting snippets from our store.

  Our Amuri 4 ply and 8ply Possum Yarn is no longer in production and our stock is severely depleted. We have replaced this iconic and ever so environmentally friendly yarn with Touch Yarns Possum Yarn, This is a luscious blend of possum, merino and silk. It's classed as an ultra fine 8 ply but it also lends itself to 4 ply knitting. In store, and on our web site, we feature a cowl, a scarf and shawl made originally in 4 ply Amuri however we have adapted the free patterns for our new Touch Yarns Possum.

Touch Yarns Possum
   I have no 'Littlies' to knit for, yet I keep making our super cute cabled bootees and beanie sets. Available as a 'kit' which includes a pair of New Zealand sheepskin soles and an incredibly well written set of instructions, making this an impressive project for even a novice knitter. I have just completed two sets, using my favorite colours from our range of luxurious Indiecita Baby Alpaca 8ply. My current favourite shades  are 'Pretty' and 'Praline'. 

Bootees and Beanie in 'Pretty'.
   Our new Addi needles are proving to be extremely popular, I have placed three top up orders in the last 10 days, my supplier is amazed and is wondering what the devil I am up to! I am a simple knitter, preferring two straight needles and to sew up a seam. I know I am now in the minority and view with in credulousness and even a hint of pity. So many of you are now addicted to 'knitting in the round' and are always looking for clever ways and means of fine tuning your skills. Take a look at the sizes available on our website.

Some very clever technology!
Addicrasytrio Needles

   Finally I have added some damn good, no nonsense, wool to the sale section of our website, and there's a whole lot more available in the store. I have both 8 ply and 14 ply huge 200g hanks of natural pure New Zealand Wool. I'm busy knitting cushion covers and throws, and if my husband would allow me to knit for him, (he won't) I could imagine a lovely chunky gardening sweater...he would be so cuddly!
    Well, that's it. Well done for reading to the end. If I have bored you to death please unsubscribe, or, if you must, send me an e mail. Please  do go gently though as I am a sensitive girl.

   In honor of Her Majesties Birthday and her great kindness in granting us a day's holiday I would like to offer all of you who mention this e mail a 10% discount on all your purchases in the store on Monday. Remember I am open from 11 am until 3 pm.
    Happy knitting from Fran and The Woolly Girls.
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