Grin and Bear It!

So, Old Bear is back in solitary confinement at the shop whilst we all sit out Level 4 in our comfy homes.
We are, unfortunately, closed until further notice and any online orders will not be processed until a move down through the levels. As soon as we are allowed, we will be back in the store to process your orders, so please, sit tight.
I know many of us were ‘caught short’ with this Lockdown. Jacinda is a ‘Fast Lady’ and she doesn’t always give us knitters time to prepare. If you only have a few miserable scraps of cotton in your knitting bag, maybe you could make use of our easy dishcloth pattern.  Use your imagination, an assortment of shades could make a very jolly and eclectic dishcloth, maybe don’t choose a shade of vibrant yellow though…Let’s leave Covid Yellow out of this!

Cotton Dishcloth Pattern
Each dishcloth takes about 120 metres (approx. 1 ball) of pure cotton.
Our shop samples are made in Rowan Summerlite DK Cotton.  
You will need a pair of 4.0 mm needles and a knitters blunt sewing needle, to secure your 2 ends.
Design 1. Garter Stitch.   Shown in Rowan Summerlite shade Pickles
Cast on 60 stitches loosely. Knit until you have a perfect square. Cast off loosely. Sew in ends.
Design 2. Moss stitch. Shown in Rowan Summerlite shade  Black.
Cast on 59 stitches loosely.
Row 1. Knit 1 stitch, purl 1 stitch, repeat across the row.  Row 2 and every consecutive row, repeat row 1. Work until you have a perfect square. Cast off loosely. Sew in ends.
Design 3. Stocking stitch with a garter stitch border.
Shown in Rowan Summerlite Cecily.
Cast on 60 stitches loosely. Work 8 rows in garter stitch (every row knit) Row 9 Knit across the row. Row 10 knit 5 stitches, purl 50 stitches, knit 5 stitches. Continue repeating rows 9 and 10 until you are 3 cm short of a perfect square, ending after row 10. Work 8 more rows in garter stitch.
Cast off loosely. Sew in ends.
*Now you have a neat pile of knitted dishcloths please do NOT fill the extra time that this Lockdown has given us by doing kitchen chores. Keep those dishcloths pristine, pop them aside as a potential gift, maybe take a photo’ for Instagram, but leave all kitchen mess for another day and enjoy this sunny Sunday afternoon.

Stay safe, wear those masks, wash your hands and start knitting your way through that stash!
We look forward to seeing you all on the other side. 

Fran, Claire, Olivia & Old Bear
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