Mercerised Cotton - Why I love it...

Mercerised Cotton - Why I love it...

Mercerised cotton yarn is a special type of cotton yarn that has been treated to give it a lustrous appearance. It's often used for making summer garments and accessories, as it's lightweight and has a beautiful sheen. In this blog post, we'll tell you everything you need to know about mercerised cotton yarn, from how it's made to what projects it's best suited for. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Mercerised Cotton?
Mercerised cotton is a type of cotton yarn that has undergone a special treatment process. This process gives the yarn a lustrous appearance and makes it stronger and more durable. Mercerised cotton is also known as "pearl" or "etched" cotton.

The mercerisation process was invented in 1844 by John Mercer, who was trying to find a way to make cotton fabric less prone to shrinking. The process involves soaking the cotton yarn in an alkaline solution, which swells the fibers and makes them more resistant to stress. The result is a strong, lustrous yarn that is perfect for making garments and accessories.

What are the benefits of Mercerised Cotton Yarn?
There are many benefits of using mercerised cotton yarn for your knitting projects. First of all, the yarn has a beautiful sheen that will make your finished projects look really polished and professional. Additionally, mercerised cotton yarn is strong and durable, so it's perfect for making items that will get a lot of wear (think dishcloths, kitchen towels & socks!). This "mercerisation" process gives cotton extra strength by fusing the fibers together. Mercerised cotton is, thus, stronger and more resistant to mold and mildew. Though still absorbent, it absorbs moisture more slowly, so it takes longer to become saturated (which is helpful when you're staring at a full sink of dishes!).
And finally, because it's made from natural fibers, mercerised cotton yarn is really breathable - perfect for making summer garments!

What projects are best suited for Mercerised Cotton Yarn?
Mercerised cotton yarn is ideal for making summer garments like tanks and tees, as well as lightweight accessories like hats and scarves. It's also great for making baby clothes since it's so soft and gentle on the skin. And if you're looking for a durable yarn for making dishcloths & facecloths, look no further than mercerised cotton!

If you're looking for a beautiful, strong, and durable yarn, then you should definitely consider using mercerised cotton yarn for your next project! This type of yarn is perfect for making summer garments and accessories, as well as baby clothes and socks. So whatever you're looking to knit or crochet, be sure to give mercerised cotton yarn a try! We guarantee you won't be disappointed!


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