11th September 2017

It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t sent out a newsletter to let you all know that we are now open at our lovely Milford store….maybe my forgetfulness is due to being fuelled up on coffee and chocolate during the day, and far too much wine in the evening. If I were 10 years younger I would have ‘sailed through’ the whole task of moving my entire shop , but my middle aged body won’t handle quite as much activity and my poor brain has just about given up. Keys, telephones and handbags have all been ‘mislaid’ and I am incapable of remembering where I parked my car. My knitting has also suffered, I can’t follow a pattern and I can knit for a whole evening on odd sized needles.   If you call into the store, please ensure I sell you the correct wool, don’t overcharge you and if I am asleep behind the counter please give me a prod!

    The new store is looking rather lovely, I have to admit, and it’s so exciting working in such a nice environment. Throughout August the store was transformed from a dismal space, totally devoid of character, into a calm, clean and rather lovely sanctuary. 

    Although, technically, spring is just around the corner, and many of you will pop your knitting aside in favour of gardening and walking and other outdoor activities, it would be lovely to see you up in Milford. Please do pop in and say “hello”.

    As I write this newsletter, there’s a howling, bitter wind and the rain is lashing down, but I have just arranged a spring window display of our new linen and cotton yarns. It looks fresh and cheerful, shame the same can’t be said for the weather.

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