Wild & Woolly Yarns Needs a New Owner

I’ve come to the end of my knitting,
‘retirement’ beckons,

and Wild &Woolly Yarns is in need of a new owner.

I’m ready for a new adventure
Well, I expect that grabbed your attention and jolted you out of that imminent ‘back to work after the holidays’, feeling’!

Please let me explain myself as I am sure this may come as a surprise to many of you. I’ve been the face of Wild & Woolly for the last 20 years, however, my face is getting a little wrinkly, the hair is definitely grey, and the red lipstick tends to feather at the edges.

My passion for my shop, for knitting and of course, my customers has not waned, however a new adventure is beckoning.
Some months ago, Neil and I bought a humble house in Nelson. Actually, Neil bought it, flying down for a quick look at the end of July. He assured me ‘I would love it’ and as the deadline sale was just 2 days later, I took him at his word, and we bought it. As an aside, Neil has uttered those four words before. In the late 1990’s I found myself, with two very young children living in war torn Sri Lanka. Neil had a job in Colombo and  went ahead of the family, to start work. Upon  landing he instantly telephoned home to reassure me that ‘I would love it.’ Me and the girls followed on from England some weeks later, looking forward to living on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean. Let’s just say our five years in Paradise were challenging, dodging suicide bomb attacks, dealing with the heat, a bout of dengue fever and giardia (a terrific way to lose weight!) along with  homesickness…it  wasn’t quite the experience I had signed up for! Only recently has Neil admitted, that when he first landed in Colombo his first thoughts were NOT ‘she’s going to love it,’ rather ‘She’s going to kill me.’
Anyway, back to my house. My house, is hopefully, still standing. You see it’s a ‘do up.’ It desperately needs  a new roof, and the chimney is about to fall down. Due to the events of the last few months we haven’t  been able to get to Nelson to start the work and I expect when we finally get down there, we won’t be able to get to the  door as the front ‘lawn’ will be six feet tall!
My lovely new house was built in the early 1950’s…and hasn’t been updated since. All the original features* are  intact, the kitchen is ‘interesting,’ and I would love to keep it, however, even I can see it’s just not going to work. Neil and I are going to do a sympathetic renovation, doing much of the work ourselves, however work may be slow, with frequent rest breaks. Our ‘do up’ is close to a good pub, a river with swimming holes is fifty metres away and the hills, with excellent dog walking tracks are at the bottom of our garden.
*Our bathroom has had a modern update.
This peach vanity unit was probably installed in the early 1980’s.
So, onto ‘Woolly.’
I have decided that now is the time to hand Wild &Woolly Yarns onto a new owner. The store has been in existence for 40 years, and I have had my  Dream Job  for almost 20 of those years. I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every single day, I don’t class owning Woolly as work, every day is exciting, indulgent, and rewarding, there’s  never that dreaded Monday Morning feeling. I’m sure, those of you who know me, and are familiar with the shop, are in no doubt, that owning your own huge ‘stash’ of wool and surrounding yourself with ‘all things knitting’ is the most exciting job ever!
To help me find the next lucky owner I am working with Lester de Vere at ABC Business Sales, so if you are interested, please contact him directly (lesterd@abcbusiness.co.nz) and he will be happy to answer all your questions.
You can see the details of our listing here: https://www.abcbusiness.co.nz/business/retail-service/auckland/niche-business-150k-working-owner
And please rest assured I will ensure that any new owner will be assisted fully so that we have a nice smooth transition, and you, our customers, will see no difference in the ‘Wild & Woolly experience’
Well, after all that excitement, I thought I would finish by sharing this ‘selfie’ of me and Neil. I’ve knitted matching sweaters; I believe it can get a little chilly in Nelson. I’m clearly ready to embrace my new life, Neil, in his smart collar and tie, is looking a little apprehensive.
Of course, now Christmas and New Year are behind us, the shop is back to normal opening hours and Claire, Olivia and I are looking forward to seeing you all again.
Happy Knitting,
Fran, Claire, and Olivia 
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